Tuesday, 16 June 2009

TSL Press Release
TSL is a stage lighting company, based in our home town of Brighton.

We use TSL for all of our lighting requirements for any show we put on and have a extremely good working relationship with them!

Below is a press release of theirs describing one of our more strange requests! Click on the picture to read it:

I'm sure you'd all agree the album artwork along with our new logo looks fantastic, so thanks to TSL and all their hardwork!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

It's here! Buy the NEW Phatfish album today!
IN JESUS features powerful lyrics from MIKE SANDEMAN & NATHAN FELLINGHAM (writer of 'Lift Up His Name') brought to life by the soaring vocals of international worship leader LOU FELLINGHAM.

Building on the much-loved PHAT sound, new guitarists BEN HALL & JOS WINTERMEYER make their mark with pumping tracks 'In Jesus' and 'No One Like Our God'. While the ever-solid rhythm section (featuring LUKE FELLINGHAM on bass) show their diverse musical vocabulary and sensitivity on the beautiful 'If I Have Not Love' and 'Pardoned'..

4 ways to buy the NEW Phat sound!

1 - Download it here

2 - Classic Pack
• 10 New tracks
• Full lyrics included

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3 - Phatpack
• CD
• Sheet music for all songs
• 3 Acoustic versions
• Backing tracks for all songs

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4 - Phatpack Plus
• Everything in the PHAT PACK
• T-Shirt
• Signed CD
• An A2 Poster

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