Thursday, 18 March 2010

There is a day
It's great to see the full Lyric of PHATFISH song 'There is a day' printed in Adrian Warnock's new book 'Raised with Christ'. If you're interested in getting hold of the song (recording and/or sheet music) click here. If you're interested in Adrian's book, click here

Monday, 8 March 2010

Lo. We bear great news from north of the wall.

Ok, so we were in Scotland and to get us in the mood, Braveheart was on.
But what an awesome time at Women Walking with God, a women's conference up in Edinburgh.
Half of us drove up the glorious M6 on thursday while the others enjoyed the scenery from their plane windows, before a great first night of the conference.
Saturday greeted us with a travelodge breakfast (no salty porridge tho, or haggis) and an opportunity for 1200 Women to meet with God through songs and preaching.
That afternoon, after a massive plater of chocolate (none of which I saw) we performed a mini-gig. Some of the ladies on the front row seemed a little underprepared when I bounced toward them during a solo... but all in all it was good fun.
To many, the celebration on saturday night was a highlight, really taking time to meet with God and let him meet with us.
Here's what some said:
"Thank you for such up lifting worship at WWWG you could realy feel god moving in that place!"
"Hi to Lou and the whole Phatfish gang - just a note to say that your worship leading at the WWWG event in Edinburgh was stunning. Moving, totally professional and completely God given and led. A true highlight! Many thanks not just from me but from all of us at Inverness. We've got lots of ideas for new worship songs..."
And there it is, a great time working with a great team of chicks up in Scotland.

Thus concluding the update on the northern conquest.
Benny the Bruce

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