Tuesday, 16 February 2010

What a weekend!
Friday night saw us up in Norwich with around 500 people at the 'Newday on the Road' event. We had a great worship time, glorifying and meeting with God, before Joel Virgo spoke, and all rounded up with a rocking phatfish gig to finish.

Then, after an evening under Thomas the tank engine bed-sheets (oh yeah!), it was back down south to the Congress theatre, Eastbourne for an evening with the all saints orchestra featuring Phatfish/Lou Fellingham songs with orchestral accompaniment.
Man, these guys are hot. They sounded so good! Hearing an orchestra play guitar parts that you've written is a strange experience, and we loved playing with them.

And back to sunny Brighton... Was my first time back at church since coming back after spending 7 weeks in Australia. You know when you're in a good church when you get that 'home sweet home' feeling.

See you at a gig soon.
Benny boy.
ps, it was only me on the thomas the tank engine bed, not all of us.