Friday, 27 November 2009

On the road again
"Its been a busy few days", said Ben as he typed on his computer.
After stopping off in birmingham for an interview, we set our compasses for Dur-ham, up north in Dur-ham, shire. There we had a great afternoon training a local church's worship team. The bands welcomed us real well and seemed to love it, one bloke says, "I can't believe how much we got done and how much we improved in an hour", and "it was good - I learned some cool new things". After the training, we got set up for the gig which someone made a cool little video out of, check it out here:

Thanks to all the Durham fans for a stonking night and awesome thai green curry!
Then (bright eyed and bushy tailed) it was off to Liverpool for another quality days training with a local church worship team, and then a great reception at a gig in the Wirral.
Thanks to all the fans who came, saw and rocked, and joined the mailing list. Thanks also to the chatty northerner ladies in the petrol stations, you brightened up our journeys!

... I just cant wait to get back on the road again.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Live version of Holy Holy
Our highly competent web communications director (Benny boy) has just uploaded the version of 'Holy Holy', recorded at the gig during this year's Newday event.
Check it out at

We also uploaded a feature, with Nath looking into the inspiration and formation of the song.
View at

Chow for now.

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