Thursday, 12 March 2009

Phatfish at Worship School
This Saturday we were at Worship School at Church of Christ the King (CCK) in Brighton, leading worship with Stuart Townend.

Here is what Joel Virgo, lead elder of CCK has said about Worship School:

God is looking for worshippers. That’s what Jesus said. Most worshippers, however, are busy worshipping something else – though they were custom designed for worshipping God only and cannot really live till they set this right. To learn to worship the Lord is to learn to be fully human – each in our unique lives, with our unique gifts; but also as God's people… together. Worship School exists to equip people and churches in this task. To understand it, practice it and excel in it. We look forward to learning together with you.

A huge highlight was that Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church in Seattle sent over his Worship Pastor Tim Smith to come and speak at Worship School. Tim spoke extremely insightfully on missional worship and missional bands, encouraging churches and bands to engage in the culture.

For more details check out the website


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